The College of Basic Education/Sharqat was founded in July 30, 2012 by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research official letter 3m/4704 to Tikrit University to be one of Tikrit University Colleges. The College of Basic Education located at Sharqat District is a very important college in the area due to certain reasons one of which is the fact that Tikrit University (in Tikrit) is more than 120 km from Sharqat , so students from Sharqat and neighboring areas will not find difficulty in going to college. Consequently it has been found urgent to establish a college in this district to help students in their study.

     Since its inauguration , the college of Basic Education has adopted the object of coping up with discreet colleges in Iraq and in the world through using modern techniques in order to ensure up-to-date educational processes.

The college includes five departments:

1.Department of Arabic

2.Department of Mathematics

3.Department of Science (biology , physics , chemistry)

4.Department of English

5.Department of Islamic Sciences

     Moreover , the college is looking forward to open new departments that are necessary to provide schools with all the required teachers in different specializations. The college is also careful to open not only daytime studies but also evening studies to offer a chance for different society sectors to benefit from its services.

   The educational system followed in the college is the courses system where the academic year is divided into two semesters each semester is three months long. This means that a student must spend eight semesters before being graduated and the last semester is a practical one when the student spends the semester practicing teaching in primary and secondary schools. In the academic year 2019-2020 , however , the ministry has authorized the curriculum system to be applied on first stages in Iraqi colleges as a first step. 

     The College of Basic Education has been offering education to students from various parts of Iraq and up to now , hundreds of students have been graduated from this college to work in different sectors in the society. In fact , the college has been undergoing a lot of difficulties of various types from its establishment up to now. In 2014 , the college had to move to Kerkuk after ISIS invaded Sharqat and the college building was completely destroyed in shelling. In 2016 , the college moved to the university center in Tikrit and in 2017 , the college returned to Sharqat in an alternative site to resume its activity and to realize its message despite all the difficulties.

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Dean of the College of Basic Education Al-Sharqat
Assistant Professor Dr.
Hamid Muhammad Saleh


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